BOOK- 50 Reasons to Love Vero Beach

Excerpt from “50 Reasons to Love Vero Beach” By Mary Calhoun Brown

“There is no escape from the vibrant music scene in Fort Pierce, Vero Beach and Sebastian, and why would you want to? Our favorite local band is The String Assassins with their quirky mix of your favorite songs, all acoustic, blending rock, punk and bluegrass. Truly they will slay you. We’ve seen The String Assassins at both The Orchid Island Brewery and Waldo’s. Other great spots for music include Grind + Grape, Mulligans, Riverside Theater, Kilted Mermaid, the Fort Pierce Farmers Market, Captain Hiram’s in Sebastian and of course Riverside Cafe where sometimes Jake Owen shows up to play for his hometown. There is no end to the list of venue, and we recommend checking all of them out. No seriously. Go right now.”

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