The String Assassins Biography

They are passionate, devoted string musicians, stretching the limits of live performance that rivals the energy of full bands.  With their recent addition (Paddy King- fiddle, mandolin, cello, bass), they have taken a giant leap in marketability, standing to be one of the most progressive acoustic string bands in South Florida.  They cover a wide range of genres, from America to Zeppelin, Johnny Cash to Pink Floyd, Chili Peppers, Nirvana, Hendrix, bluegrass standards, as well as original music.  They cover popular songs with sophistication and intrigue that remains accessible and appealing to a wide demographic. They play from Fort Lauderdale to Vero Beach, and have been regarded as Vero Beach’s favorite band (50 Reasons to Love Vero Beach, in print). They dignify any venue, and would no doubt add value to the experience.

The String Assassins Music